CliniRex is 100% responsive. No matter what device you are using(Computer, Tablet, Mobile, Smart TV), you can easily access anytime, anywhere!

Digital Documentation

We have streamlined the activity forms to make it easy for the pharmacy students to record and retrieve all clinical pharmacy activities and patient records when on required.

Research Articles

We have gathered a database of billions of full length research publications, guidelines and clinical trial publications, all at your ease.

Log Book

We have done everything to make your life simpler and easier. Just enter the details of your daily activities and ClinRex will autogenerate log book for you.

Making Pharm D Hassle-free with many custom features

Retrospective Analysis & Thesis

All the data you have collected will now be compiled in one place for your ready reference. You will have all the data on platter for your retrospective studies with integrated statistical tools.


CliniRex assimilates the fed data and presents it in the form of meaningful reports which can be obtained within no time!


Drug Information

Dosage information, pharmacological information, disease information, drug interactions and many more at your finger tips.


No more lengthy paper work or cumbersome calculations. CliniRex provides a host of calculators for you. Take your pick!

Our Team

Ramesh Adepu | COO

Ramesh Adepu comes from a background as a Clinical Pharmacist with 25 years of experience keeps Operations Smooth.

Bhanu Prathap G | CEO

As CEO of Tychee, Prathap is driving the company’s vision of connecting businesses with talent faster than ever.

Naren Dama | CTO

Naren Dama is a seasoned engineering leader with extensive experience managing and growing software development teams.

Even more great feautres


Rotation Management

Rotation management remains a routine, yet hectic activity for the management. However, CliniRex users can relax while the application does all the hard work and gives you the required information with a press of a button, Just enter your priorities, select students, preceptor and department list and BOOM your roaster is ready to go!


Online Exams

Simply upload the question paper in the specified format and relase the exam instantly or auto schedule the exam on the specified date or release the exam to the selected students and relax...Get instant results, instant rankings and performance evaluation reports.


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